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Team Building Scavenger Hunt is HERE!!!

Team Building Scavenger Hunt is HERE!!! Image

We are excited to announce that we are now accepting reservations for our Corporate/Large Group Scavenger Hunt! 

Your team is guaranteed to have an informative and rowdy time! Choose between a Scavengar Hunt on foot or on Segways. This customizable experience is great for out-of-towners who want a fun way to explore Nashville or those living in Nashville who want an exciting experience! Whatever your goals are for your outing, this is an adventurous option that won't disappoint. 

Best for groups larger than 6 people.  Call us at (615)244-0555 ext 701 for pricing and more information. 

Downtown Tour Experience vs. Music City SnapShot

Downtown Tour Experience vs. Music City SnapShot  Image

Are you trying to decide which Segway tour is best for you? We can help! This is a common question!

We offer 1- or 2-hour tour options. Both of these tours are led by our entertaining and knowledgeable guides and offered 7 days a week! These options allow you to pick what fits your time and your budget!

Our Music City SnapShot tour is an hour and a half experience. It starts with a 30 minute training session followed by a 1-hour, fun-filled zip through our entertainment district. You will see and learn about all the sites you associate with downtown Nashville while riding your own Segway. This tour is GREAT for those in town for a short amount of time, those with limited free time, or those not really sure about guided tours. While an hour will fly by, this tour will give you a taste of what Nashville and Segways have to offer!

Our 2.5-hour Downtown Tour Experience will also start with a 30 minute training session but then you'll head out for 2 hours. This tour will allow you to see not just our entertainment district but also what we believe to be a hidden gem in Nashville- the Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park - and much more (including a ride along the Cumberland River, state capitol, Municipal Auditorium, etc.). This tour is our bread and butter because we've been running (and perfecting!) this tour for years! You will come back a Nashville and Segway riding expert! This tour is for both experienced and first-time riders. It's a great choice for those who love guided tours and those who love being outside exploring.

If you have any questions always feel free to contact us a to (615)244-0555!